How To Fix TV Is On But Not Showing Pictures

Often TV users experience some obstacles when they want to watch. One of the things that often happens is that the TV is already alive but does not want to display the desired image. Of course, all of these have factors that are the cause, as well as there are ways to fix this one problem. Here are some causes as well as how to fix the TV is on but not displaying the picture.

Causative Factors

Before going further into how to fix the TV live but not displaying the image, of course you should know what are the causes that can occur. So as not to take a wrong step in making a decision using what kind of method to fix it. Here are some of the causes:

1. Program Setting Error

The first cause or factor could be caused by the user himself. Users are often unconsciously mistaken in arranging programs that are on their television. So, making a live TV does not want to display an image or even sound. Generally, the TV must be programmed into AV mode in order to display the image.

2. The TV machine is damaged

For the next one, the cause can come from the TV machine. It could be that one of the components in the device is outdated or damaged. So, making the TV not want to show an image. A TV machine that has been damaged is rarely known by the user.

  1. Backlight Lights Off

How to fix the TV hidup but not wanting to display the picture may require changing spare parts. The cause of this one can be because the backlight on the TV is off. So, the TV does not bring up an image or it could be that the sound is also lost. Usually the lamp is located on the back of the TV and is located a little narrowly.

4. Broken T-Con Module

Nowadays, TVs are usually equipped with a module called T-Con. The module is useful for channeling a voltage into the TV panel. The voltage is what makes the TV in bringing up an image and sound as well. It is usually characterized by a TV screen that changes its color to bluish.

If what is damaged is the T-Con module, then how to repair a live TV but not wanting to display this image can be a bit expensive.

5. Cable TV

The cause of this time can appear because some TV cables are not installed correctly. Usually the cable is not placed in the right place so that the TV does not want to bring up an image as desired. So, first check whether the cable components are in place or not.

How To Fix TV Is On But Not Showing Pictures

If you already know what are the causes that may occur on a TV that does not have pictures. Below will be given some tutorials or how to fix hidup TV but not display an image based on the cause. Namely as follows:

1. Fix the Backlight

If the cause is a backlight then the user needs to use this first method. Usually to find out if it is indeed the problem with the bakclight, users can use a flashlight to see it. For more details, let’s follow these guidelines:

  • As mentioned above, first check the condition of the backlight using a flashlight. If one of them dies, then you can go directly to the next step.
  • Remove all components of the TV set by turning the TV on a flat surface. Then also open the back of the TV attached with a bolt.
  • Then also check the voltage using a tool called analog. Point the tool at the backlight section.
  • If there is only one lamp that does not turn on, then it is certain that the problem comes from the lamp.
  • Remove the damaged part of the lamp and replace it using a new backlight.

2. Repair the T-Con Module

If it has been checked and there is no problem with the backlight, then the possible cause is in other factors or components. Usually what often happens is a problem with the T-Con TV module.

For how to fix it, it is certainly different from the previous way. Let’s just look at how to fix TV hitup but not display image with this one method:

  • Check or touch the T-Con section, especially in the Gamma IC section, usually located not too far from the T-Con.
  • If after checking and producing unnatural heat, it is certain that the damage is caused by the T-Con module.
  • A damaged T-con can also be accompanied by a TV screen that suddenly darkens and does not display an image.
  • To fix it, disassemble the TCon components slowly and carefully. Then check the voltage using analog. If the voltage produced is at zero, it must be replaced immediately.
  • However, if the voltage is still at a reasonable limit then it is enough to take it to a technician who is more expert in the field.

3. Repair the Cable

For how to fix the TV live but not display the next picture is quite simple. Namely caused by improperly attached cables. Thus, making it unwilling to display the image mode properly .

In that case, follow some of the ways to fix it below:

  • Check the condition of the RCA cable correctly, make sure to plug it in the right color section.
  • In yellow is part of the image or video, while in red and white is part of the sound.
  • Also make sure not to install the AV Out mode section, as it can cause damage to the TV.
  • If you use an HDMI cable, you can check the input settings section of the TV program.
  • Select the RCA mode then select it again in AV mode, guaranteed that the TV will display the image and can work normally again.

4. Check the Output Section

The way to fix the TV is on but not displaying this fourth image is to check the output. Because, without realizing it, this part is also sometimes problematic.

So, it can also be the cause of the TV not being able to display images. Here are the steps you need to do:

  • On the legs of the transistor base, remove the legs so that they can be used to check.
  • After being able to remove all, measure the voltage at the output. Use the instruction manual to find out.
  • If the voltage produced does not match, then there is a problem with the output. It could be because there is a clogged flow.
  • Check for clogged parts and clean them immediately using a soft object such as a cotton swab or tissue.
  • Clean it slowly and carefully, as this is a vulnerable part. If you feel it is clean, then check again whether the TV can display the picture again or not.


Based on all the data that has been described above, it can be said that a TV that does not want to display an image is caused by several things. Of all these causes, it can be used as a benchmark when you want to fix it. Each cause has its own method of dealing with it.

Do not use uncertain means if you do not know the cause. Because, it could even damage other components. So, the problem will spread everywhere. Use a method that suits the cause and condition of the TV.

So, those are some of the causes as well as how to fix the TV is on but not displaying the picture normally. Users can use one of the ways that suits the conditions of the TV used. Because, not all TVs have the same conditions as well as problems.

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