Guide on How to Use a Washing Machine With 1 Tube

Living in the era of advanced technology certainly has a good impact on life, one of which is in washing clothes. Nowadays, to clean dirty clothes, there is no need to waste time and energy cleaning them, that’s because now there is a tool called a washing machine. But to be able to take advantage of this tool, of course you have to know how to use a 1-tube washing machine first.

Now almost everyone has a washing machine, that’s because this tool helps with homework. But in general, washing machines used for domestic purposes have 2 tubes.

Even though the washing machine with 1 tube is more efficient, interested in replacing the washing machine. Then know the guide on how to use a 1 tube washing machine and its maintenance techniques so that it lasts as below:

Guide on How to Use a Washing Machine With 1 Tube

Some people certainly still experience confusion about how to use a washing machine with 1 tube. For that, see the following steps regarding the procedure for using a washing machine with 1 tube:

1. Separate Dirty Clothes Based on Color and Material

Like washing clothes using hand power, when using a washing machine, you should also separate dirty clothes according to color. This is done to avoid fading the color of the clothes and staining the other clothes.

No need to bother sorting out clothes of the same color, just by separating between dirty clothes that are light and dark in color. In addition to using color as a reference, the material and weight of the clothes also need to be considered.

Like clothes made from jeans tend to fade more easily and heavily, so you should wash clothes with the type of material in the last section. In addition, do not mix other heavy clothes such as towels, jackets, gamis that have thick fabrics along with ordinary clothes, because it can damage other clothes that have a lighter load.

2. Check the Condition of the Washing Machine and Prepare Detergent

The next thing that needs to be applied from how to use a 1-tube washing machine is to ensure that the tool to be used is in a qualified condition. In addition, also make sure that it is connected to the electricity.

Make sure that the washing machine is in a fit condition and has also been connected to electricity. If it is confirmed, then the next step is to put detergent and clothing softener that will be used to wash dirty clothes into the soap dispenser available in the washing machine.

3. Put Dirty Clothes in the Washing Machine

After preparing all the needs and making sure that the washing machine is in a decent condition for use. Then the next step is to put the dirty use that has been separated earlier into the washing machine. Make sure that when putting dirty wear in a regularly stacked condition, such a thing is done to save the use of water and soapy water can wash clothes evenly.

4. Fill the Washing Machine With Water According to size

The advantage of a 1-tube washing machine is the availability of a feature to fill water automatically. So, users do not need to waste power just to fill the washing machine with water manually. Therefore, make sure the washing machine has received a large water supply so that the filling process can run quickly and smoothly.

Another advantage of using this type of washing machine is that users don’t have to bother checking the capacity of the filled water anymore, because the water entering the washing machine will stop by itself when it is in accordance with the capacity.

5. Adjust the Duration and Method of Washing With Clothes

The next advantage of using a 1-tube washing machine lies in its working system that runs automatically. Unlike a 2-tube washing machine, where to wash, rinse to dry, it is necessary to program one by one.

Thus, for a 1-tube washing machine, it is enough one programming for all washing processes. So, it’s just a matter of adjusting between the duration required and the number of clothes washed. In addition to adjusting the duration of washing, users must also be more careful in choosing the washing mode used.

In general, every washing machine has three modes, namely normal, soft and permanent. The normal mode is used for casual clothes, while the soft mode is devoted to underwear and silk clothes, and finally the permanent mode is used for clothes that are thick and heavy.

6. Dry the Laundry After the Washing Process is Complete

There is no need to wait until the washing machine stops operating, because if the washing process until it is terrible, it will automatically give a sign. If that’s the case then immediately remove the laundry from the washing machine.

Because, if you leave it for too long, it can cause the laundry to become smelly. Therefore, it would be better if you immediately dry it again in the sun so that the laundry is dry to the maximum.

That was the guide on how to use a 1 tube washing machine that may be practiced when using the help of this tool in the process of washing clothes. By applying the guidelines above, it can produce clean and maximum laundry results even though you don’t use your hands directly.

Technical Guide to Caring for Washing Machine With 1 Tube

After discussing how to use a 1-tube washing machine, it feels incomplete if you don’t know how to maintain it so that it remains durable. For those who use this tool in helping the process of washing clothes, here is a technical guide for maintaining a 1-tube washing machine that can be imitated:

1. Clean the Washing Machine

The first guide to maintaining the washing machine is to clean it to the inside regularly, at least once a week the washing machine must be cleaned of dirt that comes from the rest of the laundry process. To clean it yourself can use a solution of citric and hot water.

2. Use a Washing Machine according to Capacity

The next guide is to pay attention to the capacity of the washing machine itself. As it is known that this tool has different capacities, therefore adjust how much clothes to wash with the capacity of the washing machine so as not to overload too much.

3. Use appropriate detergents

Currently, it has been widely circulated in the market in various forms and kinds of detergents, from those that have a powder to liquid form. Therefore, it is recommended to use detergents that are specifically used in washing machines and are environmentally friendly so that the components contained in the washing machine remain durable and durable.

4. Check your Clothes Pocket Before Entering the Washing Machine

Sometimes you often forget to take back coins or other objects stored in your clothes pocket when you are going to wash them. However, such things should be avoided from now on, try before putting laundry into the washing machine, make sure first that the clothes pocket is empty. Because if there are coins or other sharp objects involved in the washing process, it can adversely affect the performance of the washing machine in the future.

5. Put the Washing Machine In The Right Area

The last guide to caring for the washing machine is to put the washing machine in the appropriate place. Which means do not place this one tool in areas that are humid or that are exposed to direct sunlight. In addition, make sure that the place where the washing machine is placed is safe from rat attacks that will be ready to gnaw the wires.

Those are some reviews about how to use a 1 tube washing machine and its maintenance. With this information, it can make it easier for those who want to use a washing machine with 1 tube. And there are several guidelines that can make the washing machine that is owned continue to work normally for a long time.

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