Causes of Washing Machines Cannot Be Used

The washing machine is one of the very important electronics. This tool will facilitate household chores such as washing clothes and drying them in a short time. But under certain conditions, users experience difficulties, namely the buzzing washing machine does not want to rotate. If left unchecked, it will certainly hinder homework.

Not only that, if this kind of washing machine is left alone, it is likely to cause severe damage. Therefore, know in advance the cause and how to do it before being taken to the service place. Here’s how to find out the buzzing washing machine won’t turn, see more:

Causes of Washing Machines Cannot Be Used

Electronic items including washing machines when they cannot work properly are certainly caused by several factors. When someone already knows the exact cause then it will be easier to fix it. Here are some causes that need to be known, including:

1. There is a Broken Cable

One of the causes of the buzzing washing machine will not rotate due to one or several broken wires. This often occurs mainly as a result of rat bites. If the cable is broken, it is certain that the machine cannot function properly.

Apart from breaking cables, washing machines that cannot work properly can also be caused by too much load. Such overloads will make the rotation on the engine run slower than usual. For this reason, it is necessary to determine the maximum limit of clothing to prevent this from happening.

2. The Door of the Machine Is Not Closed Properly

Another reason why the washing machine cannot be used is the door of the washing machine that is not closed properly. Although it seems trivial, in some models the washing machine will not be able to function properly if the door is not closed tightly.

3. There is Dirt in the Washing Machine

Dirt contained in between the drying doors and other materials can also cause the washing machine to buzz unwilling to rotate. This is because if left unchecked, it will have the potential to make the washing machine door cannot be closed properly. Based on that, it causes the washing machine to experience quite serious problems.

4. The Brake Strap on the Dryer Has Broken

The dryer brake on the washing machine has a function to make the dryer dynamo in the middle that rotates then can stop constantly when the door is opened. However, this will not happen if the dryer brake rope breaks. Therefore, to overcome it, it is necessary to replace the brake strap with a new one.

5. Damage to the Dryer Dynamo

This damage occurs quite often because the winding of the dynamo is short or broken. In the end, it causes the washing machine to be unable to turn and only buzz. That’s why users need to replace it with a new one to deal with it.

6. Capacitors Are Damaged

The buzzing washing machine will not rotate also because the capacitor is damaged or burned. This is because these components that continue to work store current and release it continuously when the machine is used.

A capacitor that continues to work non-stop will make it less capacity until it leaks. This condition then causes the 2-tube washing machine to not turn as it should.

How to Overcome the Washing Machine Won’t Turn

After knowing the cause, of course it will be easier to overcome the problem of a washing machine that does not want to turn and only buzzes. The methods or tips below can be tried to overcome these problems, including:

1. Make Sure the Machine Door Is Closed Properly

The cause of the machine not functioning properly is a door that is not closed properly. If the user detects that the door is open, then it is very natural to make the machine not work properly. For this reason, make sure the door is closed firmly. Remove the object stuck in the door and push it until it sounds locked.

2. Make Sure the Laundry is Evenly Distributed

Too much load will greatly affect the performance of the washing machine itself. It is very important to ensure laundry or clothing is evenly distributed inside the washing machine. If the laundry is uneven in the tube, usually the machine will automatically check the load and stop the rotating process.

It is usually caused by heavy items such as carpets and blankets. To avoid unbalanced laundry, wash large items such as blankets with one other heavy item such as a large towel. If the tube suddenly stops rotating in the middle of the washing process, then try to stop the machine, drain the water, and reset the laundry.

3. Don’t Use Too Much Detergent

Often a person uses too much detergent or even uses a type of detergent that does not fit the washing machine used. For this condition, the washing machine will automatically stop the rotating cycle and try to absorb the excess foam in its tube.

We recommend that you read the instructions on the detergent packaging to find out whether the detergent is the right type for the washing machine or not. Make sure to use according to the recommended dosage to avoid more serious problems.

4. See If There Is Water Left In The Tube Or Not

Water that is not completely drained will inhibit the rotating cycle in the washing machine. The user needs to turn off the washer first and check the drain hose and pump filter. Make sure the hose is not in a depressed or clogged condition.

Furthermore, the user can clean the blockage to straighten the hose if this is necessary. If there is damage to the hose such as leaking, perforated, or rusty, it needs to be replaced. Do not forget to clean the drain pump every three months to avoid clogging.

5. Please Check for Damage to The Drive Soap

Buzzing washing machines that do not want to rotate can be caused due to damage to certain elements. Users can check whether there is damage to the drive belt or not.

You do this by opening the door and trying to turn the tube by hand. If there is no obstacle at all, then the driving soap on the washing machine may be damaged or broken. For this reason, so that the machine can be used again, you can contact an authorized service agent for repair.

6. Replace Damaged Elements

If the cause is known because one or several elements have been damaged, then you can replace it with a new one. If you feel in doubt, you can ask someone who is an expert in the field. Replacing the damaged elements will help the washer to function again properly.

7. Consider Technical Breakdowns

The washing machine does not rotate probably because it is caused by a power surge. For this reason, please unplug the appliance from the power then wait for up to a few minutes before plugging it back in.

After about 1 minute has passed you can try to start it again. If it remains not working, it is very likely that the washing machine has a technical problem that can only be solved with the help of an authorized service agent who usually handles the problem.

Before overcoming a buzzing washing machine does not want to rotate, of course, you must know exactly what causes it. With proper handling, it will be able to restore the function of the washing machine as before. As stated above, if you can’t handle it yourself, then you can take advantage of the services of an authorized service agent.

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