Causes of Washing Machine Dryer Cannot Dry Clothes

The automatic dryer feature has become a feature in most washing machine products in Indonesia. A 1-tube or 2-tube washing machine must have a dryer feature. However, sometimes users experience problems such as the washer dryer rotating but not drying the clothes contained in the washing machine tube.

The function of the dryer machine on the washing machine functions to make it easier for users not to linger too long to dry clothes outside. Drying machines are very useful when the rainy season arrives. Users don’t have to bother getting their clothes wet and can’t be dried in the sun anymore.

Causes of Washing Machine Dryer Cannot Dry Clothes

The function of the dryer in the washing machine is very vital, because most users need a drying machine in order to facilitate the process of drying clothes. Having a washing machine and dryer can help users who have limited areas to dry clothes. In addition, during the rainy season, this drying machine is increasingly needed for its function.

The problem that often occurs is that the washer dryer rotates but does not dry, which will hinder the washing process quickly and efficiently. Users can identify the problem with the information of the list of 6 reasons that cause the washer dryer to not be able to make clothes dry. These reasons are:

1. Washing Machine Capacitors Bubble or Burn

One of the reasons that makes the washer dryer unable to dry the inserted clothes is the weak or damaged capacitor components. Capacitors in clothes drying machines are important because of their role in delivering electricity to the dynamo, so that the washing machine and drying machine can rotate.

If the user experiences this problem, usually the user will listen to the buzzing sound of the dryer machine. ? But in fact the engine does not rotate or the rotation is weak. Of course, this can interfere with the process of drying clothes by the drying machine.

2. Cables and Sockets Have Problems Due to Being Bitten by Mice

When the washer dryer rotates but does not dry the clothes inside, perhaps one of the causes is the washer cable and socket problem. Placing the washing machine in a safe place from rat interference is something that must be considered by users. If the cable or socket of the washer and dryer is bitten by a mouse, then the fatal result that will occur is that the machine becomes damaged and malfunctions.

The problem of a lightweight dryer machine cable will make the washer rotate continuously, but the process is long and even clothes can continue to get wet. This will certainly make users hampered by the process of washing clothes and can also waste electricity.

3. Drying Machine Door Is Not Perfectly Closed

Users of the washer and its dryer sometimes forget to close the tube door when starting the washing process. Even though closing the tube of the drying machine tightly can affect the drying process of clothes on the drying machine. Therefore, before drying the machine, users must pay attention to the tube door and make sure it is closed properly.

4. Clothes Put In Too Much

One of the most influential things that causes the washer dryer to rotate but not dry is that the user puts too much clothes into the drying tube. Each washing machine has a different capacity, such as a variation in capacity of 3 kg to 8 kg. Preferably, the user should put the clothes in the washing machine according to the available capacity.

Putting too much clothing in will also affect the laundry process which is not optimal. It is recommended for users to separate heavy materials such as blankets, jeans and sheets to be held together in one tube. It is better for users to classify each of them heavy or light clothing.

5. Washing Machine Dynamo Has Problems

The washing machine dynamo that is experiencing interference greatly affects the way the washer dryer works but does not dry when put in clothes. Please note that the dynamo serves to be a drying machine player where if it produces a tight rotation, the process of drying clothes will run quickly.

However, if on the contrary the dynamo is disturbed, the drying machine will rotate slowly and the clothes being washed will not dry. The dynamo of the drying machine is a very vital component and also expensive. Therefore, users need regular washing machine maintenance so that the dynamo does not break down quickly.

6. Ventilation of Clogged Drying Machine

Ventilation in the washing machine serves to provide air to the washing machine that is working. If the engine vents are clogged, then hot air will be trapped in the drying machine. Not only the ventilation of the machine is clogged, the low air circulation in the drying machine will also make the clothes will not dry out.

Therefore, users are advised to always check the cleanliness of the fiber screen before using the washer dryer. It is desirable that these vents be cleaned twice a month. This is a form of prevention so that the washer dryer continues to function properly.

How to Solve the Washer Dryer Not Working

Users who experience problems with the washer dryer rotating but not dry, can pay attention to information on how to fix it. How to deal with a problematic washer dryer can be done by the user himself at home. Users do not need service assistance or so on. Here are 4 easy ways to solve the washer dryer problem:

1. Check Capacitors Regularly

Checking the engine capacitors regularly can prevent users from experiencing problems such as the washer dryer not working. The shape of the capacitor is usually a medium-sized black tube. The condition of the capacitor that is inflated or damaged can affect the performance of the washer dryer.

2. Put the Washing Machine in a Rat-Free Place

Always maintaining the cleanliness of the house and from rat pests is a form of coping so that the washer dryer can function optimally. Users can place washing machines in bathroom places or open places that do not have holes or paths in and out of rats. If the mouse has already bitten the cable or socket of the washing machine, then the user’s washing machine will be threatened with damage.

3. Using a Washer Dryer with No Exaggeration

The way to overcome the machine dryer so that it continues to work optimally is to use a reasonable washing machine. For users who use washing machines for household needs, using washing machines frequently with excessive loads can make the washing machine quickly decrease in performance. Therefore, users should only use the washing machine once a day.

4. Routinely Clean the Air Vents on the Tubes

Finally, users can try to solve the problem of the washer dryer by routinely cleaning the air vents on the tubes. The process of cleaning the air vents is quite easy and fast. Users can pick up gray components that usually have dust accumulated.

Then, the user can clean it using a brush and rinsed under running water. After the user cleans it, place the air vents back on the washer tube. Do this activity at least twice a month.

Those are some reviews about the rotating washer dryer but not dry the washed clothes. This information is very important because the function of the washer dryer is to ease the load when it comes to drying clothes. If the dryer is functioning optimally, the user does not need to dry clothes outside the house for too long.

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