Causes of Polytron LED TVs Have No Picture But There Is Sound

Lately almost all TV manufacturers including Polytron are producing LED TVs instead of LCD TVs. It’s a television that is friendly to the environment and does not cause radiation. Although this LED TV is sophisticated and environmentally friendly, this TV will be damaged if it is not maintained properly. A broken LED TV does not come out of the picture. What causes Polytron LED TVs to have no picture but there is this sound?

Various TV issues are often unexpected. The problems and causes are also diverse. Examples of problems of television broadcasts are missing, TV is locked, failed to start and others. The cause of the Polytron TV not having an image if the sound is heard, may be because there is damage to the TV components. In more detail, follow the following description.

Things to Do When Polytron LED TV Has No Picture But There Is Sound

1. Backlight Off

To find out the cause of the Polytron LED TV has no picture but there is a sound, it is better to first check the LED screen in the condition that the TV is on. The checker can turn on the flashlight, then highlight the TV panel using the light of the flashlight. Back-lights, whether on or off will be visible because they will bring up raster points.

Because it is assembled, if the back light is off, all the lights are also off and the picture that comes out on the TV will be dark without light. If it turns out that the back light is off, turn off the LED TV and replace the back light with a working one. When installing, make sure that the red probe points in the positive direction and the black probe in the negative direction. Remove the dead back light. Install a working back light with the same volts.

2. Broken T-con Module

There is a T-con module on the LED TV whose function is to channel the voltage in the LED panel. The damage to the T-Con module is the cause of the Polytron LED TV not having a picture but there is a sound. The T-Con module serves as a voltage channel on the panel. When the T-con module is damaged and there is no image, to fix it this component must be replaced.

The T-con module can be damaged if the main IC is damaged, the fuse and transistor break or if the capacitor goes short. To find out whether the T-Con is damaged or not, just touch the main IC section on the T-con. If the T-con feels hot and unnatural, it is very likely that the IC is short when there are no problematic components around the IC.

3. Broken TV Monitor

If the TV monitor is damaged, it is certainly the cause of the Polytron LED TV not having a picture but there is a sound. This circumstance often arises due to the broken flexible panel. Another reason IC COF is already on fire. If this happens, it is not easy to repair it and it costs a lot of money to replace it. Before the image completely disappears, this symptom appears if only lines or dark are visible on the screen.

Damage to a typical LED TV monitor is caused by a flexible panel disconnected or the COF IC is already on fire. Then, how to fix it? If the monitor is still possible to repair, just try replacing the damaged COF IC or doing a jumper on a torn flexible path.

4. Broken Fly-back

The cause of the Polytron TV has no image but sound can be because the fly-back is damaged. This situation occurs if there is a video voltage that does not come out even though the other voltage is functioning normally. Besides there is a fly-back problem, the image can not come out because the voltage B 115 has dropped, it can be because the elco B+ is dry, then causes a voltage drop that is channeled to the fly-back.

If this situation is too difficult to fix, just call a professional TV service that can handle this. Because if you can’t repair it properly, more severe damage will arise.

5. LVDS Cable Connector Uninstall

If after checking it turns out that the LVDS cable connection is disconnected or it turns out that it is not installed properly, then this is also the cause of the Polytron Led TV not having a picture but there is a sound. An LVDS cable is a cable that connects the Tcon unit with the motherboard unit aka the MAIN BOARD of the TV.

The cable connecting these two units can indeed come off for some reason it may accidentally come off when the person who cleans the TV hits this cable and then this cable is removed.

6. Supply Voltage Is Not Suitable

In order for the TV to produce an image, the T block con must obtain the right voltage supply of 12 Volts. If the supply voltage is more or less than 12 Volts, the performance of the appliance (TV) will be disrupted. This is also one cause of Polytron LED TVs not having a picture but there is a sound, If the voltage supply is not suitable, it is no wonder that the TV does not produce a good picture and there is not even a picture.

7. Broken SMD T-Con Fuse

If it turns out that what is damaged is the SMD T-Con fuse or it could be that the fuse located near the LVDS connector is disconnected, no wonder this is also considered to be the cause of the Polytron Led TV not having a picture but there is a sound. All that must be done is to replace the component. This component is a simple component so there are no objections or risks arising compared to having to replace an expensive chip set.

8. Problematic Soldering Contact

It could also be that after checking, it turns out that the contact that occurs when soldering is not good. Or maybe the solder contact is already good but the contact is subject to mold or oxidation process. This kind of thing often happens to old TVs. But this is also experienced by new LED TVs especially if the room in the house where the TV is placed is damp.

9. Damage to the AS-15 Gamma IC

The GAMMA IC AS-15 is a device located not too far from the T-Con. The malfunction of the AS-15 Gamma IC is also the cause of the Polytron Led TV not having a picture but there is a sound. The TV looks blurry, out of focus and blurry.

To check whether the driver IC is working or not, check the voltage size using a device called a multi-tester. If it turns out that the multi-tester number points to 50 volts, it means that the driver IC has been damaged. To avoid IC damage like this, service the LED TV regularly.

10. There is Damaged Software

Besides there is damage to the components, the cause of the Polytron LED TV has no image but there is a sound can be caused by a malfunction of the software installed on the TV. If too much software damage is difficult to deal with, just call a serviceman but it certainly costs money to pay for the repair.

For TV service there is sound but no picture, the cost of repair depends on the causative factor. In general, to repair a TV without an image is in the range of three hundred to seven hundred thousand rupiah. The skills of the TV serviceman and the region/ area where the service is performed also affect the size of the service fee.

Thus information about the causes of Polytron LED TVs do not have pictures but there is sound. Based on the information above, maybe you can check in advance the damaged Polytron TV that is owned. If it turns out that it is difficult to fix it, just call a Polytron TV serviceman. Thank goodness if when the damage occurs this is still in the warranty period so there is no need to pay expensive service costs.

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