Causes of AC Not Cooling Only Water Leaks

The more you come here, the more people in Indonesia now decide to use the help of tools such as air conditioners. It’s just that, there are still few who really recognize the cause of the air conditioner not cooling only out of water that can be recognized from the beginning. In addition, there are even some causes that are dangerous if left unchecked.

Broadly speaking, there are indeed several things that are the most important factor of the occurrence of damage to the AIR CONDITIONER used. Especially if it is included in one of the many AC users who find that the tool is not as cold as it is usually used. Check out some of the causes that can occur in the following description.

Causes of AC Not Cooling Only Water Leaks

1. Dirty Cooling Unit

There is a factor that is most important that unfortunately is still widely overlooked, especially by some people who often use help from air conditioners. For example, users of this tool may be able to be said to use it in more intensity of time without paying attention to the condition of their respective air conditioners. In fact, there are still many who ignore the cleanliness of this expensive tool.

In fact, if this tool consists of several important components in order to provide results in the form of cold temperatures for its users. Later, we recommend that each AC user start by checking the cooling unit in the device and see if there is dust accumulating there. Do not forget to carefully clean the part using a cloth.

2. Lack of Cooling Gas

Then there is the type of cause of the air conditioner not cooling only out of water, others that should not be missed to be recognized first. Moreover, it turns out that there are still many users who apparently do not recognize this second factor and instead try to understand other factors. Even though this type of factor plays a big role in the use of air conditioning.

Perhaps there are still many who do not understand that it turns out that there are only gas components that are the right amount to ensure that the air conditioner can run. It’s just that, it’s not surprising if later assistance is needed from the Freon gas refill process to ensure ac performance. We recommend trying to check the gas section and refill it if needed.

3. There is a Gas Leak

Still closely related to the problem or factor previously described, there is another explanation if it turns out that the air conditioner does not feel cold. In simple terms, there is an important factor that needs to be recognized, especially if it turns out that there is an unwanted gas leak. Not to mention if the leak can happen in a short time.

For those who want to be able to overcome this quite troubling problem, then try to check first whether there is really a gas leak. If it turns out to be afraid to check directly, then just try to ask for help from experts only and wait for some time. Even later it can also get a faster repair solution.

4. Overheating Situation

For the cause of the air conditioner not cooling only out water, the other can be related to the importance of checking the condenser outside. Plus, only the part can later give a signal to the components inside to produce the appropriate temperature. If not, then don’t expect the cold temperature to be enjoyed later.

For users of this tool to cool the air temperature in this room, you should start by checking the situation outside the room. In fact, if it is really necessary, then everyone needs to also check the outside of the house, especially for the current situation. Do not let there be damage to the components that are left alone.

5. The Room is Too Cold

It is undeniable that more and more end up taking advantage of this tool even in every situation. Later, users should start to really pay more attention to what kind of conditions are happening, especially in rooms that use air conditioning. In simple terms, do not use this tool in an excessive way.

Putting tools such as air conditioners in the right place does require a lot of consideration, especially for those who are just trying for the first time. Each user also starts to check regularly regarding whether the room really needs a cold temperature that comes from the help of air conditioning. If it turns out that the temperature is too cold, then the air conditioner may error.

6. Evaporator System Freezes

Then there is the cause of the air conditioner not cooling only out other water that should not be missed to be recognized especially if you are new to use. Unfortunately, if from the beginning it has been installed in an improper way, it can have an effect on special parts such as the evaporator system. Not to mention if the system is heavily hung by other parts.

This next cause can actually be included in the list of causes that are easiest to overcome without having to worry. Later everyone only needs to try to regularly check this part of the evaporator system, especially if after using the air conditioner. Just use the help of special tools such as timers when using.

7. Problematic Electricity

Don’t let it go unnoticed, there is a main cause that often occurs when the air conditioner is being used by everyone. Unfortunately, many also underestimate this cause because it is considered that it can be left alone so that it returns to its original state. Even though this electrical part can be a problem for other tools.

If the power line used turned out to be not in accordance with its capacity, then it is worth trying to immediately check with the help of experts. Then each owner of this AC can try to look back at the bill from the electricity used regularly in the previous month. Later, you can also see if the air conditioner has an increased bill.

8. Stunted Drainage Pins

Furthermore, a cause of the air conditioner not cooling only out other water that can be used as an option is related to drainage. Perhaps many already know that this component has a great effect on ensuring that each air that comes out is in accordance with their respective capacities. Otherwise, there may be a big bottleneck going on now.

9. Problematic Cooling Sensor

Another big factor is the one that is closely related to the special section for the cooling sensor that turned out to be having problems. Every AC user can try to directly check the part for the cooling sensor and if it is damaged, then immediately replace it directly. Try to buy the best and quality products according to the price.

10. Incorrect Settings

Finally, another cause that is still often found today is the wrong setting when you first use the air conditioner. Plus, the more you come here, the more people try to organize themselves independently without the help of experts. In fact, if it is wrong from the beginning, then it may be useless.

Some types of causes of air conditioning not cooling only out of water which is explained in detail above, of course, must be understood first. Coupled with the large number of users of this expensive electronic device who cannot feel the cold sensation as desired. Not to mention if anyone wants to enjoy the air regularly.

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