Causes of AC Leaking Out of Water in Indoor Parts

As a resident living in the tropics, air conditioning or air conditioner is the only way to cool the body from the heat. But, the name of the engine will not always run smoothly. One of the problems that often afflicts air conditioning is leaking. Many things are the cause of the air conditioner leaking out of water in the indoor part.

In ac machines, there are many components that come together so that the air conditioner can provide a cool effect. Therefore, if one part of the air conditioner is damaged, the work of the air conditioner will automatically be disrupted. One of the things that happens, especially when the air conditioner is damaged or disturbed is the release of water on the inside of the air conditioner.

Things That Can Cause Ac Indoor Parts to Leak

Due to the complex AC machine, there are many things that cause the air conditioner to leak out of water in the indoor part. Starting from one of the damaged components, certain parts that have been blocked, to excessive use of air conditioners. Here are the causes of leaking air conditioners, accompanied by explanations:

1. Clogged AC Filter

AC filters have an important role in air conditioners, namely as filters from dirt that participates when hot air enters the air conditioner. The accumulation of dust and foreign objects in this filter, will cause the evaporator coil to be hampered so that the absorption of hot air is not optimal.

If the evaporator coil cannot absorb hot air, the evaporator will freeze. When the air conditioner is turned off, the ice on the evaporator coil will look for so that the air conditioner leaks. Therefore, make sure that the AC filter is often cleaned of dust and dirt that has accumulated, so that it does not leak.

2. Leaking Cooling Coil

As explained above, the cooling coil or coil evaporator also has an important role. The function of this cooling coil is to absorb the incoming hot air, and then convert it into cool air. Obviously, if the cooling coil has interference, the coolness in the air conditioner will decrease.

Not only does it reduce the cool effect on the air conditioner, the damaged evaporator will freeze and release water when it is turned off. This is what causes water to spill from the air conditioner excessively. When the air conditioner is damaged, the cooling coil is one of the components that needs to be checked first.

3. Faulty AC Compressor

Air compressor or compressor is a tool that functions like the heart of an air conditioner. The main purpose of the compressor is to absorb the air temperature from the room, and take it out outdoors. This is why the compressor is an important component for air conditioners in general.

In addition, the compressor on the AC can also pump Freon liquid to be distributed to all parts of the ac. Therefore, if the AC compressor is damaged, not only the air conditioner cannot work optimally, the air conditioner will also leak.

4. Dirt Buildup on the AC Drain Pan

When carrying out the cooling process, the liquid created will be flowed to the outside through the drain pan. At the moment when the evaporator coil attracts the heat in the room, that component also produces a liquid. This liquid will later drip under the drain pan, and be removed from the air conditioner through the drain.

If the drain pan is dirty and clogged with dust or mold, the liquid produced by the evaporator coil will accumulate. The liquid that accumulates will eventually drip and fall from under the air conditioner, causing leakage.

5. Freon Leaks

Freon or refrigerant, is a chemical compound that functions as a fluid, to transport cold loads in the room. This Freon has a gaseous form that does not smell or color, and is not flammable. Therefore, this chemical compound is used as a coolant for a wide variety of air conditioners and refrigerators.

If Freon leaks, this chemical compound will cause a leak in the air conditioner, so that the air conditioner emits warm air. Not only that, leaks in Freon can also be fatal for anyone who inhales it in large quantities.

6. Imperfect AC Installation Process

Because the air conditioner has complex components, the installation process on the air conditioner must be in accordance with the procedure without any errors. Starting from installing air conditioning units, drains, to machines to output indoor temperatures.

Sometimes, there are often mistakes in installing the AIR CONDITIONER box, such as its location that is not aligned. If the placement of the air conditioner is not aligned, the water that should come out through the channel can even come out of the declining part of the air conditioner.

7. Use of Ac That Is Too Cold

In general, the temperature of the cold air ranges from 20 to 23 degrees Celsius. However, there are some air conditioners that can lower the temperature to less than 20. The colder the temperature of the air conditioner applied, the evaporator will continue to work harder.

If the air conditioner continues to be forced to lower the temperature that is too cold, the evaporator will freeze and be damaged. In the end, the frozen ice will melt and leak from the bottom of the air conditioner.

Ways That Can Be Done To Deal With Ac Leaks

After knowing the cause of the air conditioner leaking out of the water on the indoor part, the leaky air conditioner can be overcome in several ways. Readers can also reduce the chances of the air conditioner leaking by doing regular self-cleaning. Below can be used as a solution to overcome a leaky air conditioner:

1. Service the Air Conditioner Regularly

As with any machine, the machine on the air conditioner will require regular service in order to continue to work optimally. Important components such as coil evaporators, compressors, condensers, and drain pans need good maintenance so as not to experience damage that causes leaks.

However, service on the air conditioner is better if it is done by an experienced person. Therefore, readers can contact a trusted AC service service, so that the AC service process is safe and in accordance with the plan.

2. Cleaning your own AC Filter

To clean the air conditioner filter can be done by yourself at home. After turning off the air conditioner, open the front of the air conditioner to remove the AC filter. Then, clean the AC filter with a vacuum cleaner or wipe and then dry it. Only after that, properly reinstall the air conditioner filter. Make sure the air conditioner filter is securely installed before turning on the air conditioner.

3. Using Ac Appropriately

Engines that are constantly forced to start every day will be damaged or worn out faster. Therefore, use the air conditioner wisely and if indeed the room conditions are really hot and humid. In addition, make sure not to turn on the air conditioner with too cold a temperature, so that the evaporator does not freeze and cause leaks in the air conditioner.

4. Ensuring the Ac Installation Process is Correct

When you want to install an air conditioner, be sure to use a quality air conditioning installation service. If the installation process is carried out perfectly, then the air conditioner will not experience interference in a fairly long time. When installing the air conditioner, also make sure that the condition of the machines to be installed is still good.

Thus an explanation and how to overcome the things that cause the air conditioner to leak out of water in the indoor part. Besides its very important use during this hot weather, the air conditioner does need deeper maintenance of every component in it. However, with more maintenance, the air conditioner will avoid problems such as leaks.

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