This is the Cause of the TV’s Totally Off The Indicator Light Does Not Turn On, You Must Know!

Nowadays, there are indeed many electronic equipment that are still widely used, especially in order to be able to enjoy relaxing days at home. But unfortunately it cannot be denied that there are many causes of the TV’s complete shutdown of the indicator light not turning on which raises concerns. In fact, there are many factors that can cause these problems.

Recognizing several factors that cause problems such as a TV that is completely dead and cannot be used can help users. For example, there are several factors that can not only be found in a fairly short time but can have a big impact. Let’s look at the information in more detail in the following description.

Causes of TV Total Turn Off The Indicator Light Does Not Turn On

1. Power Line Failure

For the first factor this is actually simply recognizable by everyone, especially those who have often used television equipment. For example, it is not new if later it is necessary to understand that this kind of device like a television is very dependent on its power lines. Not to mention if later it is widely used to watch various shows.

Actually, if from the beginning you have used the help of this television tool, then later it will be easier to directly overcome the problem. For example, each user only needs to check whether there is a proper and safe power line that can be used as a substitute. In addition, if it is indeed completely dead, then just wait for it first.

2. Damaged Socket

Then there is a cause of the TV being completely off the indicator light does not turn on, which is actually mandatory for everyone to recognize. This time, there is a cause that may be overlooked by many users of this electronic device, especially for young people. In fact, if it is left alone, it can be a big problem.

Every user can find the fact that if the socket used is not in accordance with their needs, it can be a big problem. Especially if it turns out that later the tool used can become damaged even in a short time not in accordance with user expectations. Not to mention if anyone wants to enjoy the television spectacle immediately.

3. There is a Voltage Factor

In addition to some of the factors that have been explained in detail above, there are also other factors that should not be missed later. For example, there are factors that are closely related to the actual voltage from the beginning that have been used repeatedly according to needs. Not to mention that there are still many who even underestimate the problem related to voltage.

Perhaps there are still many who do not know that this factor related to the existing voltage can be a major factor. Especially if it is later associated with the needs of electronic devices such as televisions which may require greater voltage power. It is best to start diligently to check the voltage part on this television.

4. Broken Blog Support

There are even causes of the TV turning off completely the indicator light not turning on which must be recognized others that may still be underestimated. For example, at present, there is a component known as a blog for support that plays an important role in the tool. In addition, components should be present for each device of an electronic nature.

Perhaps there are still many who do not recognize that this type of component has a great influence on the existence of their respective televisions. No wonder if later this component is found to be damaged, it could cause other problems that are more severe. It is worth immediately going to the repair site according to individual needs.

5. Inappropriate Output

There is a factor that may feel unfamiliar to some people especially those who if they did not plunge into the world of electronics from the beginning. For example, currently, there are several types of voltage used in this type of device such as a television according to its power needs. Some have also been devoted to the externals from the beginning.

Meanwhile, of course, every television brand that is being used has special rules and regulations related to the voltage for its output. It’s a good idea to start by checking the guidelines that are currently in use and see if the output voltage is in line with what has been written. Do not let later an abnormal external voltage appear.

6. Horizontal Transistor Off

Most of these electronic tools do not only work independently and are very dependent on other components. There is a component that can be said to be quite popular which is known by the name of transistor which is also used in television. Moreover, this component turned out to be still divided into several parts later.

For the cause of the TV’s total shutdown the indicator light does not turn on the next one can be seen from the importance of checking the transistor part of the television. Especially for special parts such as the horizontal type of transistor which turns out to be found in a dead state so that it is annoying. Do not let this type of factor be left alone for a long time.

7. Fly-back Not Working

Some people may already recognize a cause of the TV’s complete shutdown of the indicator light not turning on this seventh especially for a short time. For example, there is a component known by such a well-known term as a fly-back that is mandatory in every television used now. Unfortunately, many large problems occur with this important component.

For those who have just recognized this component, then also recognize if this component existed from the beginning to help in generating voltage. If it turns out that this part cannot work according to the way and method it should, then it could be that the problem becomes severe. Even the television used may die as long as it is permanent later.

8. Damage to regulators

Not to be missed to be recognized and understood also from the very beginning, there are other interesting factors that can be understood today. There is a factor related to the special part of the regulator that is being used mainly to facilitate voltage, especially on the outside. If it turns out that this part is actually damaged, then the television is damaged.

9. No Signal

A factor that may no longer seem familiar to some people today is the factor related to the signal. It is not surprising later that if there is no supporting signal, it can even cause problems on televisions that are off for a long time. This of course can be a source of other problems.

10. Wrong Remote

This most recent factor can be said to be a factor that is still widely ignored by users even though it plays a big role later. We recommend that from the beginning every user has tried to take advantage of the help from the remote which is indeed appropriate, especially for television on a regular basis. Make sure to also use the right type of battery especially every day.

Some types of causes of the TV turning off completely the indicator light does not light up which are described in detail above should not be unknown to the user. Plus, of course everyone wants to enjoy the use of tools such as good and quality televisions at all times. In addition, understanding the cause can help to find the best solution.

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